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Luna Blanca's Tarot Book (Click Link to Buy)

This book is intended as both a reference work and a textbook. Illustrated with black and white images of all 78 cards from the Tranquil Willows deck, this book is 224 pages. In addition to card interpretations, this book includes instructional chapters. Reading the Cards begins with one-card spreads and builds up to complex spreads. It also includes advice on reading for others and on learning multiple decks. Numerology and Tarot gives instructions for calculating a personís Name, Lifetime, and Year Symbols, and an explanation of how those symbols interact. Tarot for Meditation and Spiritual Intent shows how to explore Tarot cards in meditation and incorporate the cards in prayer and ritual. Online Tarot lessons are available, based on the exercises in this book.

Tranquil Willows Mini Tarot Deck

$25 (Free shipping in the continental US)

This a limited-edition, previously-unpublished, hand-crafted deck. Tranquil Willows Tarot interprets the traditional 78-card Tarot through the lens of earth-based spirituality. Triangular cards in this portable mini-deck measure 4 inches on each side and present a 1.25 x 1.75 inch rectangular image on a black background as shown here. Cards come in a 5" x 7 inch organza bag.

Artists: Tranquillity Fearn and Rowen Saille

3 of Cups Tranquil Willows Tarot Deck
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